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 by Latosha Bishop

Our chef Mark gets 10 stars! We had an amazing experience.

 by Maribeth Raposa Enos

We hired Hibachi Omikase for our 45th Anniversary to celebrate with our kids and grandkids. What a fun and entertaining day was had by all! Chef "Tony" was excellent and very entertaining. The food was delicious course after course and was expertly prepared by Chef Tony. Our grandkids ate eveything , loved the food, enjoyed all the " balloons" and never complained about being bored. It was a very special day for our family & friends. We would highly recommend scheduling Hibachi Omikase for your next special event.

 by Dave Wez

I booked Hibachi Omakase in my backyard with 7 of my friends and it was a great time. Tasty and super entertaining. They bring all the food and super soakers filled with sake. All you need is to set up tables, chairs, plates and utensils. It’s great because you don’t have to clean up, just eat and enjoy the show. I highly recommend!

 by Luba

I recently booked an at-home hibachi service for my birthday celebration, expecting a 1.5-hour entertaining performance. Unfortunately, the experience left much to be desired. The chef completed everything in just 45 minutes and began cleaning up, cutting the expected time in half. A significant barrier was the lack of English communication, which hampered our interaction. Those looking forward to classic hibachi show elements, such as catching food with the mouth or tossing ingredients in the air, will be disappointed - we only saw a brief high fire display.

The saving grace was the food, which was indeed flavorful and well-prepared. However, considering the cost of $50 per person and the anticipation of my guests for a memorable show, I found the overall experience lackluster. If you're seeking a theatrical hibachi performance, this service might not be the right choice.

 by Kelly Stratton

Our Chefs gave us an amazing night of fun, excitement and super good food! They came to us from Orlando (over an hour away and nightmare drive) and they were so positive and had so much energy! The whole family really, really enjoyed it and we couldn't have asked for better service. Communication prior to the party was super punctual and answered all questions and sent great reminders. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


This experience is for anyone who enjoys good food in the comfort of their home. The quality of the food was fresh and very tasty. Everyone in my party enjoyed their experience and left happy and full!

 by Savannah

I had Chef Mike for a party with 7 of my friends. He came early and set up was very timely and fast. Everyone thought the food was delicious and everyone got to participate and have fun. Would book again!

 by Taste of Philly

Such a great experience! Would recommend this for your next party at home!

 by Angela

The Experience Was Fine But It Could Have Been Better .. The Chef Told Us His Name Was Kai And Kai Was Very Ungrateful When It Came To His Tip .. We Tipped Him A Nice Amount Of Money But He Felt It Wasnt Enough And Wouldn’t Leave The Premises After Being Told He Wasnt Getting Anymore Money .. I Would Book Again In The Future But Kai Will Not Be A Chef Of Choice With His Ungrateful Ass..

 by Ana

amazing food! very organized!! and super fast! delicious food u won’t regret it ordering!!!

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